Are you having a kids party, 18th, 21st, 30th or a party to celebrate any other milestone birthday or occasion. Well you only get one shot at it. The same can be said for your wedding reception. You dont want to leave your guests thinking "it was only alright".

I carry a large selection of music from the 60s up to recent chart hits which will suit any crowd or occasion. For example for a wedding I would play what I like to call "party cheese", some recent music, combined with some of the old favourites that are pretty much guarenteed to get people on the floor. I also accept song lists that you may or may not want played.

The equipment that I bring with me is good professional gear. The sound setup is the same where ever I go but the ammount of lighting that I bring depends on the function and venue. Weddings and big function rooms would need the full lighting setup whereas some places may not need lighting at all.

I try to let the music do the talking but I do have a microphone with me for every gig so I can make announcments or get involved with the crowd at any point. For example if you are throwing a kids birthday party I would definitely do more talking then at another gig, trying to get them to play a certain game or sing along to a song as loud as they can. These gigs often turn out to be as much fun for me as they do for the crowd.

So whether its in your local pub or hotel function room, kids party or big wedding, there's always room for a good DJ so dont hesitate to contact me for any enquiries.